Project implementation Consultant for the Kitchener Drain Project Wastewater Component
Rural development project in two regions of Cameroon
Water Resources Management Programme V - Implementation of the wastewater networks in Southwest Amman
Fier Functional Waste Area: Feasibility study, ESIA, PIU WB21-ALB-ENV-02 (Western Balkans Investment Framework, Infrastructure Project Facility Technical Assistance 9 (IPF9))
National Programme of Mobilisation of Water Resources - Realisation of water supply schemes and sanitation in semi-urban centres in the 2nd and 5th region
Technical and social project management within the framework of the water supply project in the Eastern region (PAEP Est)
Detailed design, procurement and supervision of sewerage works under AfDB component of the Lusaka Sanitation Programme
Skopje Wastewater Treatment Plant: Project Implementation Consultant (Western Balkans Investment Framework (WBIF) – Infrastructure project facility - Technical Assistance 7 (IPF 7), Infrastructures: Energy, environment, transport and social)
WATSAN Programme in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Extended TA support for the implementation and management of the project
Consultancy services for detailed design review support