Technical assistance to the implementation of the integrated programme for protection of the Lake Bizerte against pollution
German Credit Facility to assist the return of IDPs in Iraq (GCFI) - Management and monitoring consultant
East African Community regional network of public health reference laboratories for communicable diseases (procurement expert)
Integrated Programme to Improve the Living Conditions in Gulu and Small Towns en Route in the Victoria Nile Catchment (IPILC), Engineering and Institutional Consultant (EIDC)
Strengthening provincial health systems - Component II: Hospital water supply, wastewater disposal and waste management in 5 provinces and Viet Duc Hospital (Hanoi)
Schools modernisation programme – Investment component
Water and wastewater sector budget support – Accompanying measures
Water supply system of Kabul: Transitional Support Programme (TSP)
Institutional strengthening of water supply and sanitation utilities in Kabul, Herat and Kunduz
Urban Water Supply Improvement Programme (UWSIP) – Engineering services in the refugee settlements