Facts & figures

Facts & figures

GOPA Infra GmbH

Hindenburgring 18, 61348 Bad Homburg, Germany

T: +49 (0) 6172 68 17-0

F: +49 (0) 6172 930 100


Web: gopa-infra.de


Managing Directors: Mathias Lueg & Winfried Zarges

Staff: 132 permanent staff in our HQ/project offices and approximately 1,200 highly qualified freelance experts with whom we consistently cooperate

Foundation: 01 October 2016

Legal status: Limited liability company under German law (GmbH)

Commercial register: Local court Bad Homburg (HRB 2022)

Nominal capital: EUR 750,000

Shareholders: GOPA - Gesellschaft für Organisation, Planung und Ausbildung mbH (90%) and
GOPA Infra GmbH (10%)

Branches: Burkina Faso, Georgia, Guatemala, India, Kenya, Mali, Tajikistan, Tunisia, Uganda & Zambia

Subsidiaries: Afghanistan, Egypt & Jordan


2021: EUR 36.0 million (estimated)

2020: EUR 34.1 million 

2019: EUR 26.8 million

2018: EUR 20.3 million

2017: EUR 13.2 million


Integration of parts of H.P. Gauff Ingenieure GmbH & Co. KG into the operations of GOPA Infra GmbH

Following the insolvency of H.P. Gauff Ingenieure GmbH & CO. KG (“Gauff”) in July 2020, GOPA Infra GmbH (“GOPA Infra”) and Gauff entered into an agreement which afforded management and administrative / financial assistance by GOPA Infra to a number of projects which were implemented by Gauff in Mongolia, Benin, Niger, Zambia, Burkina Faso, Togo, Tunisia and Mali.

This agreement also comprises the retention of all technical project staff (approx. 120 employees) and resources of the Gauff branches in Zambia, Burkina Faso, Mali and Germany (partly) by GOPA Infra.

The above staff and resources of Gauff were subsequently fully integrated into the operations of GOPA Infra. The Gauff branches were converted into registered GOPA Infra branches and the employees were given GOPA Infra employment contracts. The consulting contracts previously held by Gauff were, with the consent of the clients, transferred to GOPA Infra.

GOPA Infra thus has full and unrestricted access to the capacities, which were involved in the implementation of the respective Gauff reference projects.


GOPA Infra's presence worldwide