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Water and environment support mechanism

Project details
Donor organisation: 
Water & Sanitation
Project volume: 
9,508,054 €
Value of services: 
240,000 €
Start of project: 
May, 2019
End of project: 
November, 2023
Project background: 

Countries: Tunisia, Lebanon, Jordan and Palestine

Service description: 

For Tunisia (“Technical assistance for Industrial pollution prevention and monitoring in a coastal area / Industrial pollution abatement of tomatoes processing industry”):

Task 1: Start-up mission and diagnosis of practices related to tomato cultivation, transport and industrial processing as well as effluent treatment technologies
Task 2: Proposal of optimisation and improvement measures related to the cultivation, transport and industrial processing of tomatoes as well as to effluent treatment technologies
Task 3: Assistance to ANPE for the implementation of an environmental monitoring system for the tomato processing industry
Task 4: Holding a stakeholder mobilisation workshop and initiating the process of adopting a sector-wide framework agreement for sustainable resource management and environmental protection of the tomato processing activity
Task 5: Preparation of a financing request for an integrated de-pollution and environmental monitoring project related to the tomato processing industry
Task 6: Write a summary note on the activity

For Lebanon (“Revision of guidelines and comparative study on ELVs for ten industrial activities in Lebanon”):

Task 1: Compile an inception Report based on a thorough desk study including bilateral contacts with the selected sub-sectors enriched
Task 2: Revise ten draft guidelines related to different industrial sub-sectors
Task 3: Propose ELVs for the ten specific sub-sectors based on a comparative study of the  international/regional /EU/relevant national ELVs
Task 4: Meeting to present and discuss the results of the activity (organized remotely)
Task 5: Compile a synthesis note on the activities

For Jordan (“Contribution to the development of a joint public-private roadmap to transition to reduce the use of single-use plastics (SUPs) in Jordan”):

Task 1: Compile an inception report based on a desk study and bilateral contacts with the key stakeholders
Task 2: Overall assessment of Single-Use Plastics (SUPs) including market assessment and plastic waste stream analysis
Task 3: Identification of sustainable alternative options to the selected SUPs to transition away from manufacturing and using these SUPs
Task 4: Drafting of a public-private roadmap to transition towards curbing the use of the selected SUPs in Jordan
Task 5: Conduct a consultation meeting to discuss the draft roadmap towards curbing the use of SUPs

For Palestine (“Design actions/modalities for improved water billing and fees' collection rates also with a view to support outsourcing and PPP and engagement through Micro PSP”):

Task 1: Review the institutional, organizational, legal and regulatory framework; Preparation of Inception Report; Inception workshop (remote)
Task 2: Data and Information collection and review. Develop a set of actions required to pursue alternative option(s) for improved billing and collection practices in the pilot area, including assessing the feasibility of Micro PSP approaches. Propose respective improvements on existing practises
Task 3: Organise and conduct 0.5 day National Consultation workshop to present the findings
Task 4: Conduct a market survey of potential local private companies for engagement in the implementation of services for the proposed Micro-PSP Project and prepare a road map for implementation
Task 5: Prepare a statement of protocol and road map for the implementation of services for the proposed Micro-PSP Project
Task 6: Conduct 1 day information seminar for the relevant national and local actors  and agree on the way forward
Task 7: Preparation of the Synthesis Report

ToR for additional activities (in Lebanon, Regional) are currently at different stages of preparation / approval status.


The overall objective of the project “Water and Environment Support Mechanisms” is to assist the implementation of an integrated approach to pollution reduction and prevention in line with the Barcelona Convention and to contribute to a more efficient management of scarce water resources in the Neighbourhood South region.

The purpose of the contract is to contribute to increase the capacity of various stakeholders involved in pollution reduction and water management in order to support them in formulating and implementing the environmental and water policies.