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Technical assistance to the implementation of the integrated programme for protection of the Lake Bizerte against pollution

Project details
Water & Sanitation
Project volume: 
2,135,190 €
Value of services: 
2,135,190 €
Start of project: 
January, 2018
End of project: 
January, 2023
Project description: 

Lake Bizerte constitutes a coastal lagoon which communicates with the Mediterranean Sea through the Bizerte Narrows (artificially created in 1881) and with Lake Ichkeul through the wadi Tinja. The total surface area of this watershed is 2080 km2 including 240 km2 of water bodies (Ichkeul et Bizerte). Its population amounts to 500,000 people and it constitutes a socio-economic development center. The region is indeed characterised through very varied and dynamic industrial, agricultural, commercial and port activities.

The programme comprises of four investment components :

  1. Reduction of industrial pollution (air emissions, liquid effluents, solid waste) in mainly three public companies: the El Fouladh iron and steel industry, the Bizerte SCB cement plant and the STIR refinery;
  2. Extension and improvement works in urban and rural areas around the lake - wastewater collection and treatment;
  3. Industrial solid waste management through the rehabilitation of the Menzel Bourguiba landfill; and
  4. Coastal zone management in the northeast of the lake through cleaning and landscaping the lakeshore and extending fishing harbours.

The investment component is being complemented by specific decentralised cooperation actions between local authorities for the detailed conception of complementary work in the fields of environmental follow-up, governance, communication and awareness-raising.

Service description: 

Contracting of preparatory studies, works and equipment

  • Preparation, assessment and update of the programme’s bid plan;
  • Preparation of ToRs and tender documents for STIR (hydrocarbon-producing refinery) and for El Fouledh (steel producer) concerning the different projects and interventions of the reduction of industrial pollution component;
  • Bidding support (if necessary);
  • Control of bidding procedures in accordance with the funding institutions; and
  • Participation in bid evaluation committees.

Monitoring and supervision of preparatory studies and works

  • Assess the support needed from the different project promoters;
  • Ensure progress monitoring of the preparatory studies and works for the different programme components;
  • Ensure compliance, quality and approval of the studies (detailed design, ESIA, etc.) works, supplies and equipment;
  • Review of proposed studies and technical solutions;
  • Work closely together with the project promoters to ensure knowledge transfer with regard to studies and works monitoring and sustainable operation of completed works;
  • Supervise and ensure the studies’ and works’ compliance; and
  • Preparation and development of a sustainable infrastructure operation strategy including staff training in operation and maintenance of the equipment obtained through the programme.

Financial and accountancy management of all the interventions

  • Prepare necessary standard documents for fund disbursement requests;
  • Elaborate an accountancy system to ensure compliance with donor procedures;
  • Support the project promoters in financial management of their component to ensure compliance with the programme budget (if necessary);
  • Technical validation of preparatory studies and works for payment approval and preparation of disbursement requests; and
  • Control of expenses compliance with the donor procedures.

Regular technical and financial reporting for all the interventions

  • Development of templates for monitoring and technical and financial reporting documents in accordance with donor procedures;
  • Ensure quality control of the data given in technical and financial reports and assist the project promoters in elaborating these reports (if necessary);
  • Revise, comment and contribute to the writing of periodical technical and financial reports to be presented to the Steering Committee (COPIL – Comité de Pilotage) and the donors; and
  • Develop a midway self-assessment report of all the project activities together with the project promoters.

Secretariat for meetings and all other activities of the Steering Committee (COPIL)

  • Contribute to the elaboration of presentations and executive summaries to facilitate the understanding of the technical program components;
  • Attend the COPIL meetings to assist the project promoters in presenting the programme progress of the technical components; and
  • Ensure implementation of the decisions taken by the COPIL and assist the project promoters and other stakeholders.

Communication, sensitisation and environmental education activities

  • Develop a communication strategy to give the programme international visibility and submit it to EIB and COPIL for approval; and
  • Implement the communication strategy throughout the duration of the program (5 years).

Institutional and sustainability support functions

  • Prepare manuals with procedures for the management of the scientific research fund, the sensitisation and environmental education fund and the sustainability fund; and
  • Assist the project promoters in the preparation of tendering and contracting and the implementation of ad hoc interventions and different projects.

The project will help to eliminate the main sources of pollution contaminating the lake and affecting the bordering communities to guarantee a healthy environment and allow for a better quality of life and for the development of sustainable urban and economic activities, such as agriculture, industry, tourism, aquaculture and fisheries.