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TBC Programme Phase V: Construction and equipping of the tuberculosis children’s hospital at the National Centre for TB, Pulmonology and Thoracic Surgery (Macheton)

Project details
Donor organisation: 
Associated enterprises: 
Architecture & Urban Development
Project volume: 
500,000 €
Value of services: 
390,000 €
Start of project: 
August, 2019
End of project: 
October, 2022
Service description: 

Inception phase

  • Assist the MoH in the set-up of the Project Implementation Unit (PIU)
  • Collection, review and evaluation of all relevant information, studies and reports
  • Critical assessment of project design and related strategies
  • Elaboration of an operational plan
  • Advisory support to MoHSPP for planning and rational operation of health facilities
  • Site assessment, conceptional functional planning of the Macheton Centre including elements of a master plan for future developments
  • Identification of equipment requirements

Support the construction works

  • Preliminary design, incl. MoHSP approval and no objection from KfW
  • Detailed design and construction permit
  • Final design and tender documents (FIDIC Pink Book)
  • Tender period and contracting
  • Works implementation
  • Handover of works
  • Defects liability period works

Supply of equipment

  • Selection of equipment
  • Finalisation of equipment list
  • Equipment tender documents
  • Tendering and contracting support
  • Supply of equipment
  • Installation, commissioning and handover of equipment
  • Defects liability period equipment
  • Supplier training

Capacity building of medical and non-medical staff

  • Clinical training on paediatric TB incl. nutrition, IPC and clinical utilisation of medical equipment
  • Hospital management
  • Maintenance
  • Waste management
  • Training on infection control and waste management
  • Training of maintenance (equipment and infrastructure)

Specific activities in management support of the MoHSPP

  • Establish coordination mechanism with other donors working on TB diagnosis and management in the country
  • Assessment of existing standards and training modules for diagnosis and treatment of children with tuberculosis
  • Ongoing coordination support to MoHSPP in harmonising activities of other stakeholders in TB management
  • Integration of children TB hospital in overall management structure of Macheton

Overall project and financial management

  • Project planning and monitoring
  • Financial management
  • Facilitate efficient interaction with the Governance Committees (Steering Committee, advisory group if any)


  • Inception report
  • Preliminary design / final design / detailed design and tender documents pre‐design detailed design and construction permits final design and tender documents
  • Tender evaluation civil works
  • Equipment list and equipment tender documents
  • Tender evaluation equipment
  • Bi‐annual reports
  • Monthly briefs
  • Out‐of‐line reporting

The objective of the programme is to improve the diagnosis and treatment of different forms of tuberculosis as well as the increased utilisation of high quality tuberculosis health care services for children. This is to contribute to achieving “universal health coverage.

Investment (the “investment component”)

  • Construction of the tuberculosis children’s hospital for up to 50 beds at the national tuberculosis hospital “Macheton” including play and social service rooms as well as classrooms for children and construction and/or rehabilitation of the kitchen and laundry facilities; the construction shall consider energy efficiency as well as accessibility aspects;
  • Procurement of medical and non-medical equipment for diagnostics and treatment;
  • Consulting services in order to support the Ministry of Health and Social Protection of the Population of the Republic of Tajikistan (MoHSPP) during the implementation of the programme.

Accompanying measure

  • Support to the MoHSPP in the coordination of a country-wide implementation of uniform standards and training modules for diagnosis and treatment of children with tuberculosis;
  • Support the hospital management of the National Centre for TB, Pulmonology and Thoracic Surgery (Macheton) in the integration of the new tuberculosis children’s hospital in the overall structure and organisation (e.g. administration, financial management, personnel management, maintenance services, etc.) to enhance an efficient hospital operation ensuring patient-centred care;
  • Training measures for medical personnel in the area of improvement of diagnosis and treatment of children with tuberculosis;
  • Support to the strengthening of hospital management skills;
  • Training of relevant staff at the National Centre for TB, Pulmonology and Thoracic Surgery (Macheton) in the utilization of medical equipment and support to the development and implementation of a maintenance concept for medical equipment;
  • Support to the implementation of an environmentally friendly waste management system;
  • Strengthening of skills in compliance with relevant work safety and accident prevention regulations and standards as well as hospital waste management;
  • Training of clinical staff in the area of hygiene and nutrition for children with tuberculosis as well as their families through the training centre of infection control. Medical staff shall receive the necessary skills to suitably consult parents and family members of children with tuberculosis on these issues;
  • Support to the awareness raising in tuberculosis infection and prevention as well as eradication of stigma of patients infected with tuberculosis in alignment with other donor activities in the country.

The estimated total programme cost underlying the programme appraisal is approximately EUR 3.74 million. The Financial Contribution amounts to EUR 3.5 million, thereof EUR 3.0 million for investment measures and EUR 0.5 million for accompanying measures. Counterpart funding is expected in the amount of up to EUR 240.000 for landscaping works and subsequent operational costs of the hospital as well as of the training facilities within the accompanying measures component.