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TA to the Ministry of Local Government - Strengthening Local Government in Zambia (SLGZ III) (Phase III)

Project details
Donor organisation: 
Architecture & Urban Development
Project volume: 
1,733,960 €
Value of services: 
1,733,960 €
Start of project: 
January, 2020
End of project: 
April, 2024
Project description: 

The Strengthening Local Government is part of the cooperation efforts by the German Government to support the political, administrative and fiscal decentralisation process in Zambia. This specific project provides the necessary technical and financial support to enable local councils in seven districts to develop and implement infrastructure projects which promote decentralisation in the context of climate change adaptation and respond to the respective disaster risks in the Southern Province. These infrastructure investments will refer to areas that are in the responsibility of the local governments as defined by the Local Government Act and will therefore support the implementation of the decentralisation process by improving access to services and service delivery at local level in the selected districts of  Choma, Gwembe, Kalomo, Mazabuka, Monze, Pemba and Sinazongwe.  The project is expected to benefit a population of approximately 1.0 million in seven districts under the SLGZ III Programme of which over 70% are poor.

The SLGZ III Programme consists of two components:

  1. Construction/rehabilitation of investment packages and
  2. Capacity building of local authorities.


Service description: 

COMPONENT 1: Construction/rehabilitation of investment packages

  • Construction/rehabilitation of climate resilient investment packages 
  1. Undertaking of technical studies and preliminary design
  2. Development of project implementation agreements with LAs to define and conclude processes and procedures for project implementation
  3. Technical support during project development
  4. Assistance during the selection of design and supervision consultant (pre-qualification, tendering and contracting)
  5. Oversee and support design activities
  6. Assistance in the procurement process of local contractors
  7. Contract management support to local council
  8. Management of a disposition fund for disbursement of project funds to contractors and consultants

COMPONENT  2: Capacity building of local authorities

  • Capacity building 
  1. Strengthening of the capacities of the beneficiary local authorities for participatory planning, implementation, operation and maintenance of climate-resilient infrastructure and 
  2. Strengthening of the capacities of the Provincial Department of Housing Infrastructure Department (PDHID) as well as other provincial authorities such as the District Procurement Supplier Unit (DPSU) for supporting local authorities for planning, procuring and implementing climate resilient infrastructure,

The objectives of the assignment are in collaboration with the Programme Task Force (PTF) to support the local as follows:

  1. Selection of investment measures:
  • Elaboration of information material for the district administrations and councils, review of templates for the project proposals;
  • Organisation of initial information workshop/launching event, presentation of programme approach to the district administrations and district councils;
  • Distribution of information material and templates, information on fund allocation;
  • Support to districts during the identification of priority measures and the elaboration of the proposals;
  • Evaluation of the proposals submitted, including a qualified statement whether or not further studies are needed;
  • Information of districts about the results of the evaluation;
  • Elaboration of project implementation agreement and annexes;
  • Support to the districts in the elaboration of their specific project implementation plans;
  • Signature of Implementation Agreement with the district administrations;
  • Publication of the approved lists on investment packages and projects involved.
  1. During the implementation phase
  • Support to district administrations with regard to the elaboration of tender documents and Terms of Reference (ToR) for the design and supervision consultant services for the elaboration of the detailed technical design and the supervision of works;
  • Support to the DA during the procurement process as well as support to the supervision of the services providers (DSC, contractors) and financial administration;
  • Approval of key steps in the procurement process, including the ToR , the tender documents and the award of contracts for the consultancy services as well as the works;
  • Submission of design documents, tender documents, evaluation reports and draft contracts for works to KfW for non-objection;
  • Support to DA in the follow-up of contracts for construction and site supervision .