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Sustainable urban development programme

Project details
Associated enterprises: 
Architecture & Urban Development
Project volume: 
884,400 €
Value of services: 
464,310 €
Start of project: 
November, 2009
End of project: 
February, 2011
Project description: 

The sustainable urban development programme (SUDP) consists of three components from which the ARGE GOPA/AS&P implemented the “urban ideas factory” (UIF). By supporting cities in introducing and implementing sustainable urban development approaches, the programme was a contribution to the attainment of the goals of the 11th five year plan of China.

The target group was the population of participating cities in China. The implemented measures should provide a healthier environment and an increase in quality of life as a result of improved services.

The UIF team provided advice on the strategy, method and implementation of sustainable urban development approaches to six selected cities: Baise, Foshan, Huairou, Huainan, Kunming, Shouguang.

Per city, one model project has been selected. The projects covered a wide range of issues: cautious old city rehabilitation with participative approach, holistic & inter-sector concepts, energy saving / low carbon construction, sustainable transportation, urban waterfront development, redevelopment of industrial and mining brownfields, eco-industrial parks, planning procedures and communal finance.

GOPA collaborated with AS&P Shanghai Ltd. on this project.

Service description: 

General management of the programme, and in particular the following:

  • Provision of almost 20 international and national experts on various aspects of sustainable urban development, e.g. process-, financing- and management, urban planning, participation, low carbon/ energy saving,brownfields redevelopment;

  • Advisory support for cities (clients) on sustainable urban development approaches and solutions for integrated urban area redevelopment and inter-municipal-cooperation;

  • Develop and communicate innovative solutions and support their implementation in the case of one concrete urban development project per city;

  • Provide capacity building for local governments and planning institutions;

  • Coordination of all measures with the SUDP Programme and the cities; and

  • Financial programme administration.


The overall objective is to orient development processes in selected Chinese small and medium-sized cities towards sustainability criteria which are managed by municipal governments in a resource-efficient and socially acceptable manner.

The component goal of the urban ideas factory is to provide multi-level advise on sustainable urban development approaches, solutions for integrated, innovative urban renewal and inter-municipal cooperation which is used and successfully attracts investments for project implementation.