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Strengthening provincial health systems - Component II: Hospital water supply, wastewater disposal and waste management in 5 provinces and Viet Duc Hospital (Hanoi)

Project details
Viet Nam
Donor organisation: 
Water & Sanitation
Project volume: 
896,170 €
Value of services: 
690,050 €
Start of project: 
August, 2017
End of project: 
May, 2021
Service description: 

The consultancy services comprise of the following key activities:

  • Critical review of an existing feasibility study and detailed assessment of the existing infrastructure facilities at the Viet Duc hospital comprising of water supply, wastewater disposal and hospital waste disposal facilities and preparation of conceptual planning for water supply and sewerage networks, stormwater network, wastewater treatment plant, extension of the available water sources, water treatment plant and non-burning hospital waste treatment technologies (Part 1);
  • Critical review of the Feasibility Study for improvement of the wastewater disposal and hospital waste disposal facilities in provincial and district hospitals of five provinces and preparation of Provincial Health Care Waste Management Plans (PHCWMP) for all involved provinces in collaboration with the Project Executing Agencies (PEAs);
  • Preparation of design and tender documents for pre-selected project components for Viet Duc and in hospitals of the five provinces;
  • Assistance during tendering and contracting of the selected components;
  • Preparation of O&M concepts for newly implemented facilities and performance of training programmes for the operating staff;
  • Supervision of construction works and supply of equipment; and
  • Assistance during defects notification period.

The German contribution to the strengthening of the health sector in Viet Nam aims to support the provincial authorities to address the improvement of access of the population, particularly of the poor and disadvantaged, to decentralised and demand-oriented quality services of the provincial health system in 5 selected provinces.

Strengthening Provincial Health Systems 2010 is an expansion of the “Strengthening Provincial Health Systems 2006 and 2008”, and is divided into two components. Component I relates to improvement of the technical operation in selected health facilities in Thanh Hoa, Phu Yen and Yen Bai provinces so as to meet the required standards and needs of the target population and to operate in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner. Component II aims to ensure needs-driven and environmentally sound healthcare waste water (HCWW) and solid healthcare waste (HCW) management in selected provincial- and district-level health facilities at the five provinces of Yen Bai, Phu Yen, Nghe An, Thai Binh and Thanh Hoa. and in the Viet Duc This particular component of the project refers to German Financial Cooperation support only and comprises infrastructure measures in order to further improve solid waste and wastewater management in the selected healthcare facilities through a loan amount of EUR 10 million (inclusive of contingencies and consultancy services) made available by KfW Development Bank .

The consultancy services requested under the current bidding refer to assistance during project implementation and will be divided into two separate parts which may be implemented not in parallel

Part 1: Consulting services for the Viet Duc Hospital "Construction of the hospital waste management system at Viet Duc Friendship Hospital”

Part 2: Consulting services for the selected hospitals in five provinces:

"Investment in construction of the waste management system for the general district hospital in Luc Yen and 10 regional general clinics - Yen Bai Province"

"Strengthening the provincial and district health system, Thanh Hoa Province - Phase V"

"Investment in construction of the centralised management system of hasardous medical waste in Tuy Hoa City, the waste water treatment system for provincial hospital for obstetrics and paediatrics and improvement of the waste water treatment facility in the general district hospitals in Son Hoa, Dong Xuan, Tay Hoa and Tuy An - Phu Yen Province"

"Improvement of the medical waste management system in the provincial hospital for obstetrics and some general district hospitals in Thai Binh Province"

"Investment in construction and improvement of the waste water treatment system in in the general district hospitals in Tan Ky, Do Luong, Quynh Luu, and the general regional Northwest hospital - Nghe An province"