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Solid waste management and circular economy

Project details
Associated enterprises: 
Waste Management
Project volume: 
416,549 €
Value of services: 
249,929 €
Start of project: 
April, 2015
End of project: 
July, 2017
Project background: 

Solid waste management became an important issue to the Algerian government, also due to the growing discontent of the population. At the same time the government recognised that the waste sector and the recycling industry could present considerable opportunities for new “green jobs”. To this end the Algerian Ministry of Environment (MATE) launched the new national solid waste management programme PROGDEM in 2002. In its first 10 years of implementation the focus was on construction of sanitary landfill sites/conversion of dumpsites to sanitary landfill sites and the improvement of waste collection equipment. Personnel, institutional and administrative capacities of local, regional and national service provider, both public and private, were not yet sufficiently capable for implementing an integrated and employment-creating SWM system. This led to an inefficient operation of waste management facilities and waste collection, hence recycling rates remained lower than 10% despite the enhanced solid waste management (SWM) infrastructure.

Project description: 

The project concentrates on the implementation of integrated waste management approaches in three communities of up to two selected regions as well as the supervision of local service providers through national line agencies and institutions. The project focuses on four fields of activity:

  • capacity development on communal level to improve SWM collection and transport;
  • establishment of a SWM reference centre;
  • promotion of labour-intensive waste recycling activities; and
  • imparting innovative approaches and experiences.

The objective is to improve personnel, institutional and administrative capacities in view of the implementation of an integrated, employment-generating SWM.

The consultant advises the client’s programme team as well as selected private SWM facilities, local and regional administrations and MATE with its line agencies AND and CNFE during implementation of an appropriate SWM system.

Service description: 

Within the four fields of activity the consultant is tasked with the implementation of the following sub-sectors:

  • institutional development on local level, organisational and management approaches for municipal service provider;
  • modern revenue and expenditure accounting for SWM activities;
  • international instruments and experience with regard to performance monitoring in SWM;
  • landfill operation and disposal management;
  • labour-intensive selective collection and recovery of recyclables, taking into consideration private sector participation and informal sector integration,
  • exchange with the German/European recycling industry regarding customised logistical and technical solutions for increased recycling;
  • operationalisation/reform of the national system for the return of packaging material;
  • exchanges between academia, private sector and operators of waste treatment facilities for the introduction of practical content into academic education; and
  • public relations and awareness raising at local level, including gender differentiation and improvement of existing as well as adaptation of national measures.