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Safe blood transfusion project

Project details
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Architecture & Urban Development
Project volume: 
2,100,463 €
Value of services: 
735,162 €
Start of project: 
August, 2010
End of project: 
August, 2016
Project description: 

In accordance with the Millennium Development Goals the combat against Transfusion Transmitted Infections (TTS`s) such as HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B and C has become a priority area in the Pakistani Health policy. It is estimated that unsafe blood transfusions account for app. 10% of the HIV infections. Furthermore transmission of Hepatitis B and C has become an even greater morbidity risk of the current transfusion practices. Only about 20% of the blood undergoes the whole set of required tests for screening. Currently the blood transfusion services in Pakistan are hugely fragmented and lacking organisation and standardization.

The German Government launched a TC/ FC Co-operation project to improve the blood transfusion system especially with regard to the establishment & strengthening of the organization, a new law and national standards on the one hand and the establishment of a network of 25 Regional Blood Centers (RBCs) & 180 hospital based blood banks (HBBs) to ensure a significant coverage across the country.

To this end, the Pakistani Government established the National Blood Transfusion Programme (NBTP).

The overall objective of the FC component Safe Blood Transfusion Project is to contribute to the development of an independent, national, safe and efficiently operated blood transfusion service in Pakistan. The purpose of the project is to set up an independent National Safe Blood Transfusion System in Pakistan which enables safe blood transfusions especially for the poorer population. This is to contribute to the improvement the health situation of the Pakistani population.

Investment accompanying measures were to be carried out to ascertain improved administration of blood banks and correct use and maintenance of equipments through capacity building and systems development. According to the ToR the FC activities will build on work already implemented under the TC Component, particularly in the areas of training and voluntary blood donation campaign.

Service description: 

Contribute to the development of an independent, national, safe and efficiently operated blood transfusion service. To achieve this, the Consultant supports the NBTP in:

  • Definition of the functions of the RBCs and HBB;

  • Planning/ construction supervision and equipment of 13 Regional Blood Transfusion Centres;

  • Equipment of up to 78 Hospital Based Blood Banks;

  • Procurement and installation of a central information system for blood banks;

  • Mobilisation of a voluntary blood donation campaign in co-operation with a national marketing agency; and

  • Capacity building including among others blood bank management and user training for equipment based on a training needs assessment.