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Lusaka West-Water Supply Project Prefeasibility and Preparatory Study

Project details
Donor organisation: 
Water & Sanitation
Project volume: 
411,000 €
Value of services: 
411,000 €
Start of project: 
November, 2020
End of project: 
July, 2021
Project description: 

Cities and Infrastructure for Growth Zambia (CIGZambia) is a demand-driven, rapid-response technical advisory facility that works with clients and partners in both the public and the private sectors to harness the potential of Zambia’s cities as engines for inclusive, sustainable growth and job creation. CIGZambia works on both the supply and the demand sides of urban infrastructure and public service delivery projects - with providers, users and investors. The programme helps cities deliver Zambia’s economic transformation in ways that are climate resilient, safe and empower disadvantaged groups so Zambia can make the most of its underutilised human capital. In carrying out its work, CIGZambia also seeks to promote sustainable capacity development.

Lusaka Water Supply and Sanitation Company (LWSC) is a government-owned commercial water utility, providing water and sanitation services to Lusaka Province. LWSC’s mission is to provide quality services at commercially and environmentally sustainable levels. LWSC has requested assistance from CIGZambia to procure Service Provider(s) to deliver a Prefeasibility and Preparatory Study to inform the Lusaka West Water Supply Project. The Consultant will report on a day-to-day basis to LWSC, with CIGZambia maintaining oversight of the project and Cowater UK Limited holding the contract. Deliverables and reports will be signed-off by both LWSC and CIGZambia.

LWSC has conceptualised an ambitious project, the Lusaka West Water Supply Project (LWWSP) to address the water needs of Lusaka West, while increasing water security for the whole city. The LWWSP is envisaged as a potential PPP infrastructure project to abstract and treat new groundwater and to deliver safe water to communities and businesses. The concept of a new water supply for Lusaka West developed from discussions between LWSC and key businesses in Lusaka West, including food and beverage producing factories within the project area.

On behalf of LWSC, CIGZambia is procuring a Service Provider to implement the LWWSP Prefeasibility and Preparatory Study designed to establish if LWWSP should be taken forwards as a project. If so, and if a decision is made to procure the project through a public-private partnership (PPP), this project will also increase the confidence of potential investors and project developers.

Service description: 

The scope of work has five key parts, with project management tasks through all:

T1    Project inception and kick-off

T1.1 Project kick-off meeting/mobilisation

T1.2 Familiarisation and meetings with key stakeholders

T1.3 Assessment of data availability and quality

T1.4 Preparation and agreement of project workplan and design brief

T1.5 Preparation and agreement of short inception report

T1.6 Inception workshop

T2    Conceptual design and identification of options

T2.1 Initial identification of principal engineering options

T2.2 High level assessment of features (pros and cons)

T2.3 High level broad-brush cost assessment

T2.4 Development of multi-criteria assessment grid

T2.5 Selection and agreement of preferred options to take forwards for pre-feasibility study and preparation of report

T2.6 Multi-Criteria Analysis (MCA) workshop

T3    Demand and willingness to pay study (WTP)

T3.1 Development of approach

T3.2 Survey piloting and refinement as required

T3.3 Execution of main survey process

T3.4 Analysis and review of survey results and preparation of demand/WTP projections/scenario

T3.5 Demand/ WTP workshop

T4    Full engineering prefeasibility study

T4.1 Develop engineering designs for selected options up to level required for pre-feasibility assessment

T4.2 Cost options and carry out cost structure analysis

T4.3 Cost analysis workshop and report

T4.4 Carry out multi-criteria assessment and assess feasibility

T4.5 Prepare and submit draft final report

T4.6 Draft Prefeasibility and Preparatory Report review workshop

T4.7 Review and finalisation of report

T5    Preliminary assessment of environmental and social issues and the environmental and social due diligence report

T5.1 Carrying out a due diligence exercise in terms of the legal, regulatory and institutional requirements associated with the ESIA.

T5.2 High level baseline description and evaluation of the environment aligned with the outputs of Task 2

T5.3 Identifying related potential environmental and social issues associated with the different project options that will be considered in Task 2 and confirming them as relates to Task 4.4. High-level mitigation measures should also be outlined.

T5.3 Ensuring the environmental and social issues are taking into account in the MCA process in Task 4.4.

T5.4 Developing the scope of services for the ESIA study to be used in the tender documents package for the same (procurement to be carried out by CIGZambia).

T5.6 Considering the possibility of a PPP arrangement for the project in each of the subtasks above.