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Improved Water and Wastewater Services Programme - Lot B (Technical assistance to four affiliated companies)

Project details
Donor organisation: 
Associated enterprises: 
Water & Sanitation
Project volume: 
8,735,864 €
Value of services: 
5,500,000 €
Start of project: 
December, 2010
End of project: 
January, 2015
Project description: 

The Improved Water and Wastewater Services Programme (IWSP) covered four governorates (Beheira, Gharbia, Sharkia, Damietta) in the Delta region with a total population of 16.3 million and aimed at improving both, the water supply networks and treatment plants and the waste water collection system and treatment.

In addition to the improvements of the physical facilities of the four water and wastewater companies in the four Governorates, the IWSP also provided financing for two technical assistance contracts to further support the capacity development of these four water and wastewater companies (ACs) and the Holding Company for Water and Wastewater.

The overall objective of the TA contract for Lot B was to strengthen the organisational and human capacities of the affiliated companies (ACs) in the four Governorates of Beheira, Gharbia, Sharkia and Damietta in order to better manage complex capital investment projects such as the IWSP and to provide better services to their customers.

Service description: 

Services provided under the original contract comprised (10/2010 - 01/2014):

  • Detailed situation assessments in the 4 ACs (operation and maintenance, cost recovery, asset management, organisational reviews etc.)
  • Support in the establishment of a Programme Implementation Unit (PIU) in each of the 4 ACs and coaching of the PIUs in the procurement process and in the management of the overall IWSP investment programme (total value approx. 270,000,000 EUR)
  • Support in investment management and procurement including developing and implementing  Business Plans (including a financial model) for each AC
  • Support in improving planning, control and information systems
  • Support in improving operation and maintenance including the development and introduction of SOPs for water and wastewater facilities and the reduction of NRW by means of pilot studies
  • Support in improving commercial management including the development and implementation of a customer services strategy
  • Support in Human Resources management and development including large-scale tailored training component based on prior training needs assessment of all 4 ACs
  • Support in corporate communication

Services provided during the extension phase included (01/2014 - 01/2015):

  • Strengthening Programme Implementation Units (PIUs)
  • Training needs assessment of PIU staff and delivery of MS Project training in line with requirements
  • Business plan updates and implementation
  • Financial and accounting capacity development and improvement measures (including systems enhancements) that can lead to cost reduction
  • O&M capacity development and improvement measures that can lead to cost reduction
  • Completion of Performance Improvement Programmes (PIPs) that can lead to cost reduction
  • Handing over and training on equipment procured from the IWSP Special Equipment Fund (not related to PIPs)