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Consulting services to Urban Development and Environment Department (UDED) of Madhya Pradesh for the preparation of feasibility studies for 6 towns

Project details
Donor organisation: 
Water & Sanitation
Project volume: 
599,800 €
Value of services: 
92,369 €
Start of project: 
June, 2016
End of project: 
March, 2017
Service description: 

Inception and preparation stage

  • Preparation activities
  • Review of existing documents

Feasibility studies for each town – stage 1

  • General overview and presentation of the towns
  • Definition of design horizons
  • Inventory of programme related urban infrastructure
  • Eligibility and design criteria, reasonable and feasible options
  • Preliminary design and pre-selection of suitable investment measures 
  • Field surveys and site investigations 
  • Priority assessment and concepts for FS finalization 
  • Preparation of Interim Report 
  • Conduction of selection and decision-making workshop

Feasibility studies for each town – stage 2

  • Presentation of selected measures to be included in the final FS
  • Additional field surveys and site investigations
  • Further preliminary designs of feasible concepts, measures and systems
  • Cost estimate and financial analysis
  • Review of sector policy
  • Analysis of environmental, social and climate change impacts
  • Analysis of target groups (urban populations)
  • Institutional analysis of ULBs
  • Development of Accompanying Measures for urban population
  • Development of Accompanying Measures for ULBs
  • Development of implementation concept
  • Development of operation and maintenance concept
  • Development of indicators for monitoring of impact and success of every project
  • Preparation of Feasibility Study Reports and Synoptic Report
  • Conduction of final decision workshop and preparation of final FS

Accompanying measures concept report for PEA (Urban Development and Environmental Department)

  • Institutional Analysis of the PEA (UDED)
  • Development of Accompanying Measures for the PEA (UDED)
  • Development of overall program implementation concept and monitoring indicators
  • Preparation of tasks and structure of future Project Management cum Supervision and Quality Control Consultant (PMSQC)
  • Preparation of a dossier for review of ongoing/existing Detailed Project Reports  (DPR)
  • Conduction of final decision workshop and preparation of final AM concept report



The overall objective of the project is to improve the water supply and sanitation services (WSS) for the population in selected urban areas in Madhya Pradesh at affordable cost. The project also contributes to environmental protection, and will have positive effects on the socio-economic and health situation of the population, planned urban development, investments for making the state slum-free, and strengthen existing policies to achieve these goals.

Aim of this project is also to improve water and sanitation systems regardless of membership to existing water utilities. This aim shall be achieved by incorporating involved ULBs into the existing institutional set-up for the WSS sector in Madhya Pradesh. Based on the environmental, economic and social situation in the selected communities, the project is to identify technical options in terms of institutional, legal, environmental feasibility resulting in definition of investment measures to be jointly agreed upon between all stakeholders and KfW as financing institution. Moreover, the project aims at encouraging local governments and utilities to increase their efforts to improve environmental and health protection through better water, wastewater and pollution control as well as the qualitative and quantitative improvement of the WSS situation in semi-urban and rural communities.