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Consultancy services for technical and operational assistance to the Infrastructure Implementation Unit (IIU) of the Ministry of Public Works

Project details
Donor organisation: 
Associated enterprises: 
Transport & Mobility
Project volume: 
2,204,800 €
Value of services: 
476,205 €
Start of project: 
September, 2015
End of project: 
March, 2018
Project description: 

The Government of Liberia, through the Infrastructure Implementation Unit (IIU) of the Ministry of Public Works (MPW) has approved a comprehensive framework for implementation of donor and government funded projects. The Infrastructure Implementation Unit (IIU) established in October 2009, has been given the mandate to manage transport infrastructure projects on behalf of MPW. The IIU is an interim arrangement that will eventually transition to a semi-autonomous Road Agency.

The IIU has entered this new phase of development with several ongoing and planned civil works projects. These are, Output and Performance Based Road Contracts (OPRC) under Design Build and Transfer (DBT) methodology, as well as input based FIDIC type of contracts. They are technically and contractually challenging; demanding experience and knowledge in the areas of road asset management, pavement management, procurement and contractual knowledge that are currently not readily available in country. The new approaches identified above also reflect the changes necessary for IIU’s transition from a supervisory agency to a road asset manager.

Service description: 
  • Support the  transition from supervisory agency to an asset manager;
  • Design and implementation of a computer-based road asset management system, including road database, data entry and import facilities, data access and reporting facilities, administrative procedures for updating, maintaining and operating each subsystem and staff training;
  • Design of road monitoring procedures for the collection of data of road inventory, pavement structure and condition, bridge inventory and condition, traffic volume and loading, unit costs of activities and vehicle operating costs;
  • To provide leadership and capacity-building within IIU to ensure that the developed data and management systems are fully sustainable after the end of the assignment; and
  • Strengthen the road asset management expertise.

The objective of the assignment accordingly is to provide, over a period of two years, a support to the IIU in its operation for all activities related to planning, procurement, implementation, quality assurance, scheduling, and others as required.