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Consultancy services for detailed design review support

Project details
Water & Sanitation
Project volume: 
725,111 €
Value of services: 
725,111 €
Start of project: 
November, 2018
End of project: 
October, 2020
Project description: 

The Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) and the Government of Zambia signed a Compact, worth about USD 355 million, that focuses on the improvement of water supply and sanitation infrastructure in the capital city of Lusaka. The purpose of the Compact was to enable access to clean and safe water supply and adequate sanitation services for the residents of Lusaka. The compact ended in November 2018, but works still continued and services from Consultant’s were required to complete the project. The newly created Millennium Project Completion Agency - Zambia (MPCAZ), financed by Government of Zambia, contracted various parties to continue providing services to complete the outstanding works under various contract packages.

The project dealt with the rehabilitation of Iolanda Water Treatment Plant and transmission mains, expansion of the primary network grid (DN900 to 1200 mm, length 22 km), NRW reduction programme in selected areas, expansion of secondary distribution networks (Central Branch and Chelston Branch) of approx. 220 km secondary pipes, rehabilitation of Chelston sewer pumping station, sewer expansion of Mtendere (approx. 82 km of sewer pipes, DN 150 to 600 mm), Kaunda Square interceptor upgrading, Kaunda Square ponds rehabilitation and expansion. Additional contract assignments were included as contract addendum, such as "Identify Commercial Non-Revenue Water (NRW) Losses" and "Design modification for Kafue River Intake Pumps at Iolanda Treatment Plant".  

Service description: 

The services provided under this consultancy were for professional services to the newly created MPCAZ and assisted in the overall management of queries and changes to designs as requested by the Contractors and Construction Supervision Engineer. The overall scope of services consisted of the support in answering design related queries. The Detailed Design Engineer (DDE) assisted MPCAZ to deliver the LWSSD Project with the highest quality on time and within the established programme budget by ensuring that all clarifications were resolved and changes made, if necessary, to the designs within the stipulated contract period. Feedback on design queries were given to avoid delays in the construction schedules.

The DDE provided clarifications on selection of materials and technical specifications, verification of calculations, including computer calculations by alternate means, location and access of the various project sites, undertook surveys and physical marking of the Resettlement Corridor of Impact (RCoI) for all contract packages, provided clarifications regarding permits and approvals particularly from third parties, clarifications related to constructability and collection of coordinates and layout drawings and provides additional detailed plans and drawings required for construction.