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Consultancy services for design and supervision of the “Improvement of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Services to Refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo and Host Communities in Zambia Programme”

Project details
Donor organisation: 
Water & Sanitation
Project volume: 
377,269 €
Value of services: 
377,269 €
Start of project: 
May, 2019
End of project: 
December, 2021
Project description: 

UNICEF, under the leadership of the Ministry of Water Development Sanitation and Environmental Protection (MWDSEP) and the Office of Commissioner for Refugees and in collaboration with Provincial and District Authorities, supports the Government of the Republic of Zambia in the implementation of the “Improvement of WASH Services to Refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo and Host Communities in Zambia Programme” with the goal of reducing the risk of cholera and other WASH-related diseases amongst most vulnerable population groups.

The overall value of the project funding is 8,487,480 Euro.

Service description: 

(1) Provision of engineering services for undertaking comprehensive technical, environmental and social assessments/feasibility studies; preparation of technical specifications, designs/drawings, bills of quantities, bidding documents, environmental and social plans; provision of support for management of bidding process; development of WASH master plans as well as sustainability and capacity building plans; and

(2) Provision of services for supervision and monitoring of the hardware and software interventions supported under the Programme, including compliance with ESHS plans and guidelines. The main interventions planned to be undertaken under the programme include:

  • Rehabilitation of 133 existing non-functional boreholes;
  • Drilling of 270 new boreholes and equipping the same with handpumps;
  • Construction/upgradation of 5 piped water supply stems;
  • Construction of over 5,000 household latrines and bathing facilities in refugee settlements;
  • Rehabilitation/upgradation of WASH infrastructure in 30 schools and 20 health centres, including health care waste management system in health care facilities;
  • Upgradation of solid waste management system in the refugee settlements;
  • Improvement of surface drainage in Mantapala refugee settlement;
  • Hygiene and sanitation promotion in the target refugee settlements/communities (using community led total sanitation approach);
  • Development of district-level WASH masterplans (including for the wards to be targeted as well as for the whole districts) as well as capacity building and sustainability plans for the three target districts (Kalumbila, Kaoma and Nchelenge); and supervision of the implementation of respective plans.

The objective of the programme, which is funded by the German Government through the KfW Development Bank, is to rehabilitate and upgrade water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) services in refugee settlements and host communities, including institutions (schools, early childhood development centres and health centres) in four provinces i.e. North Western, Luapula, Lusaka and Western Provinces, benefitting approximately 150,000 people including 45,000 refugees and 105,000 members of host commun.