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Acceleration of the commercialisation process of the water authority of Balqa and its regional branches

Project details
Water & Sanitation
Project volume: 
1,223,040 €
Value of services: 
550,368 €
Start of project: 
August, 2016
End of project: 
July, 2018
Project description: 

The project “Acceleration of the Commercialization Process of the Water Authority of Balqa and its Regional Branches” provides technical and administrative support to the water and sanitation service provider of Balqa governorate with its main offices situated in Balqa city about 40 km North of the Jordanian capital Amman.

The envisaged strengthening of Balqa’s water and sanitation utility is anchored within the framework of improved water resources management (WRM). To that end, an assessment stage scrutinising technical and administrative utility operations is followed by the development of tailored solutions which will then be put into practice through teaming up Balqa’s staff with their counterpart personnel from Hamburg’s water and sanitation provider. 

After establishing the basis for WRM by enhancing utility operations at Balqa, water demand modelling is planned in one pilot area with a view to upscaling it to three more areas towards sound planning of WRM on the governorate level and within the wider national framework.

Service description: 

Support and improve main administrative company functions for Finance & Administration, IT/GIS, Commercial Management departments and directorates in WAJ Balqa & selected regional branches

  • Support for main administrative company functions in the Administrative and Financial Affairs Directorate;
  • Support for main administrative company functions in the Technical Affairs Directorate; and
  • Support for main administrative company functions in the Subscribers/Water Directorate.

Support and improve main company functions for technical, operation and maintenance directorates / departments of WAJ Balqa and its regional branches

  • Analyse current practices to keep the water supply & sanitation system cadastre up-to-date;
  • Enhance current maintenance management in WAJ Balqa and its regional branches;
  • Hydraulic analysis incl. pressure & flow measuring campaign for basic calibration of calculation results (pressure and flow); and
  • Assess energy efficiency & recovery potentials for network components in WAJ Balqa service area.

Operator knowledge transfer and on the job-training for selected operational functions of WAJ Balqa

  • Water supply systems of the service area of WAJ Balqa;
  • Waste water collection and treatment in the service area of WAJ Balqa; and
  • Energy efficiency and recovery in operation.

Assessment of current/future water demand planning, response strategies for WAJ Balqa and development of sustainable long-term infrastructure planning for 1 pilot area

  • SWOT analyses with regard to sustainable, long-term infrastructure planning and assessment of existing plans and planning processes;
  • Development of response strategies and recommendations for a sustainable long-term infrastructure planning; and
  • Development of a conceptual and methodological guideline for general long-term infrastructure planning of additional areas of WAJ Balqa to be selected.