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Strengthening Local Governance in Zambia II - Chalimbana Local Government Training Institute

Project details
Donor organisation: 
Architecture & Urban Development
Project volume: 
1,153,144 €
Value of services: 
1,153,144 €
Start of project: 
February, 2015
End of project: 
May, 2020
Project description: 

Within the framework of German-Zambian Development Cooperation the German Govern­ment has been supporting the efforts of the Government of Zambia to decentralize local government authorities since 2004. This is being done with the assistance of both GIZ and KfW.

The project shall comprise the rehabilitation, expansion and partial equipment of the existing CLGTI campus – consisting of class- and seminar- rooms, housing for academic and support staff, student dormitories, residential apartments, etc. A major focus of the project – apart from the planning and design of the project measures as described in the Terms of Reference (§ 1.5)  below, will be on the visual impact and environmental quality of the Institute’s overall campus, i.e. the overall spatial design concept, the structuring of the garden-like campus into different “zones of activity”, etc.

Service description: 
  • Planning, design and construction of buildings and infrastructure: Design, planning of the project – including urban design / masterplan, architectural design, detail design, tender process (including evaluation of bids, proposals for the award of con­tracts, drafting of contracts, etc.), and on-site supervision of construction works – up to commissioning and final acceptance of construction works and quality control in all relevant steps of the infrastructure component;

  • Maintenance Strategy: Development and introduction of a viable maintenance strategy (or concept), whereby the long-term sustainability of the new / refurbished infrastructure can be ensured;

  • Equipment and Furnishings: The IIC will be responsible for the planning, procurement, installation and testing / commissioning of all equipment and furnishings; and

  • Project Management: general management of project implementation under the overall authority of MLGH, financial disbursement procedures, as well as impact monitoring. Regular (monthly / quarterly) reporting to the PCU.


The overall goal is that service delivery and public participation at the local levels are improved according to the provisions of the National Development Plan (NDP) and the Zambian decentralisation policy. The Project Goal one of the main challenges of decentralization is the training and qualification of additional administrative staff. The Project will aim to strengthen the capacities of local councils by training of local council staff, of elected local representatives and of chiefs through sustainable utilisation of the improved and extended Chalimbana Local Government Training Institute (CLGTI) for the further training of Local Authority staff, elected representatives and traditional authorities (chiefs).