First ELA training certification in Jordan

First ELA training certification in Jordan

Powered by GOPA Infra, GOPA Jordan provides support to Logismed Soft Initiative
Monday, November 5, 2018

The Logismed Soft Initiative was launched by the EIB, with the financial support of the European Union, and implemented by GOPA Infra as the consultant to help develop the competitiveness of the logistics sector in the Mediterranean region. Logismed in Jordan has successfully attained the following achievements:

Two workshop seminars were held at the Ministry of Transport in July and October for governmental employees and private companies’ managers.

Sixty-one participants coming from the private and public sector have successfully completed their ELA (European Logistics Association) training courses. Three groups have been organised, each one following four modules for 14 days: business principles, transportation, warehousing and supply chain. The training took place at the German Jordan University in Amman, with both local and international instructors.

All participants who are successful in their exams and interview will be awarded the EJLog certificate. Certified participants are going to be the first ELA Certified professionals in Jordan.

Twenty-five participants from the private and public sector have successfully completed the ToT (training of trainers) training course conducted by local instructors over 13 days at the German Jordan University. ToT participants were awarded a participation certificate approved by this university.

Forty-six participants have successfully completed the warehousing management course, covering warehouse organisation, layout, and safety and security, for which two groups were organised. The training sessions took place in Aqaba Logistics Village in Aqaba.

Participants were handed attendance certificates by the Logismed project, approved by GOPA Consultants.