Manager, Secretariat of the Governing Bodies (m/f/d)

Job Details
Wednesday, September 22, 2021
Friday, October 29, 2021
Name of project : 
Syria Recovery Trust Fund (SRTF)
For our ongoing project in Syria, we are currently looking for a suitable "Manager, Secretariat of the Governing Bodies"...
Task description: 

The SRTF was established for the financing of reconstruction activities to rebuild the country and alleviate the suffering of the Syrian people as a result of the ongoing conflict. The SRTF was created to provide the international community with a vehicle to offer financial support to the National Coalition for responding to the needs of the Syrian people. The Management Unit (MU) was established to manage the Fund and its allocations to projects addressing reconstruction, recovery and stabilization to alleviate the suffering of the Syrian people.

  1. The Expert will be a dedicated capacity, located in the office of the DG of the MU, working under the direct supervision of the DG and responding to the Chair of the SB and the Chair of the MC; Work priorities will be coordinated among the three bodies;
  2. The Secretariat constitutes an important interface between the SRTF governance entities (SB and MC), the MU and other direct stakeholders (e.g. donors not directly represented in the governance structure); Its prime area of responsibility is the management of information and support to the SRTF governance structure in fulfilling their duties as defined in the Framework Agreement;
  3. The Expert will be a member of the MU’s management team that meets on regular basis to discuss and decide on internal administrative and communication policies and procedures;
  4. Under the supervision (for certain tasks also on behalf) of the DG and responding to the Chair of the SB and the Chair of the MC:
  • Prepare & compile agendas & documentation for relevant meetings & activities; Coordinate & circulate the agenda & documentation in due time;
  • Gather & circulate all concept notes, project proposals & related documentation for MC and SB meetings;
  • Organise or co-organise governance meetings; Assist with communication, logistics and coordination prior, during and after the meetings;
  • Ensure that meeting minutes are taken and a draft is submitted to DG & MC chairperson in a timely manner;
  • Observe, document & follow up on decisions & action points emerging from the governance meetings, and support in reporting back to the respective governance bodies; Follow up on deadlines related to work/ deliverables;
  • Coordinate & collect inputs for the quarterly & annual progress reports; Compile, check accuracy, completion & consistency of the reports and submit the final drafts to the DG for review & approval before their circulation to the SRTF members;
  • Ensure that documentation incl. progress reports, financing agreements, supply & service agreements, independent monitoring agent reports, audit reports, manuals, and policies, etc. are circulated to the relevant GB in a timely manner;
  • Coordinate & assist the Communication Section of the MU in the preparation and publication of quarterly newsletters;
  • Ensure that relevant documentation from governance activities is deposited in the records;
  • Assist in the coordination of regular audits & mid-term reviews: gather & make available the information requests from the audit/review teams, coordinate exchange between audit/review teams and MU staff as well as other relevant stakeholders; facilitate the contact between the audit & review team with implementing entities;
  • Provide the MU Communications Section with all relevant information & documentation foreseen for public dissemination;
  • Maintain, update & distribute contact/ circulation lists of all relevant stakeholders according to information policy and security guidelines;
  • Support & enable the coordination and the flow of information between the relevant bodies.

Minimum qualification:

  • Bachelor degree in business administration, management, public/ political affairs;
  • Fluency in spoken and written English (native speaker is desirable);
  • At least 7 years' relevant experience and a proven track record in an institution, preferable in a development cooperation context;
  • Experience in working with high profile stakeholders and the international donor community;
  • Ability & readiness to travel to neighbouring countries of Syria, as well as internationally;
  • Good working knowledge of all relevant office procedures;
  • Excellent command of Microsoft Office and further IT programmes necessary for the execution of the tasks.

Additional advantage:

  • Work experience in Syria and/or neighbouring countries;
  • Fluency in spoken & written Arabic and/or Turkish.

Soft skills:

  • Ability to handle pressure and meet deadlines; Strong multi-tasking skills;
  • Management & organisational skills;
  • Results-oriented and thorough work style; 
  • Ability & readiness to work in a multi-cultural environment;
  • Excellent written & verbal communication, coordination, and facilitation skills;
  • Team worker with leadership skills and problem-solving capabilities.
Other information : 


  • DG = Director General
  • MC = Management Committee
  • MU = Management Unit
  • SB = Steering Board
How to apply: 

If you are interested in the assigned position, please send your application via email. The application should include the following documents and information:

  • Your CV in English language, EU-format preferred.
  • A list of reference persons with contact details, if not included in the CV already.

Candidates who are considered for further evaluation and for recommendation to the client will be notified within two weeks after reception of the application. Please kindly understand that all other candidates will not be notified.

Contact person: 

GOPA Middle East