Intl. Specialist Engineer Water & Sanitation (focus: monitoring) (m/f/d)

Job Details
Wednesday, March 4, 2020
Sunday, March 22, 2020
Name of project : 
German Credit Facility to Assist the Return of IDPs in Iraq (GCFI) - Management and Monitoring Consultant (MMC)
Project end date: 
Monday, November 30, 2020
upt to 5 months
Mission end date: 
Monday, November 30, 2020
Focus of this position is the top-level monitoring of the progress of infrastructure projects in the water and sanitation sector, as implemented by Project Management Teams (PMTs) in the respected Ministry and an international implementation consultant.
Task description: 
  1. Top-level monitor projects funded by the GCFI and implemented through the “Water-PMT”;
  2. Validate quarterly reporting by PMT Water & Sanitation (SQR – Sectoral Quarterly Report);
  3. Based on task no. 2, contribute to the elaboration of “Consolidated Quarterly Reports” (CQR) through the MMC Team Leader;
  4. Contribute to other reporting by the MMC, e.g. the MMC quarterly reports to the client ReFAATO;
  5. The international Specialist Engineer Water & Sanitation will support MMC Capacity Development Expert in assessing capacity building needs on monitoring and implementation in the respective field and developing relevant training measures, if required. The expert will conduct capacity building measures where required and appropriate; and
  6. Provide guidance/ supervision to the National/ Regional Specialist Engineer Water & Sanitation. Closely coordinate and cooperate with the local expert in particular on preparation, implementation and reporting of field missions to sites in the GCFO target provinces, where the international expert can’t go due to security constraints, but the local expert or other team members are able to go.

The international specialist must have:

  • At least a Master's Degree in a position-related field of expertise;
  • At least ten years of project-relevant professional experience;
  • Experience in their relevant field of expertise preferably in relation to or in infrastructure projects in the water & sanitation sector;
  • Flexibility to live in remote areas and challenging environments and to adapt to a dynamic environment, without losing sight of the objectives;
  • Excellent knowledge of relevant computer programmes;
  • Working experience in countries in  the  region  and  under  similar  challenging conditions and security constraints; working experience in Iraq is considered  an asset; and
  • Be fluent in English; knowledge of Arabic is considered an asset.
Other information : 

Programme objectives: The overarching objective of the GCFI is to contribute to the permanent return of IDPs to their home locations in Iraq. To this end, the GCFI supports investments into the restoration of local economic and social infrastructure, through rehabilitation, construction or supply of equipment in safe municipalities in liberated territories of four governorates (Ninevah, Anbar, Salah Adin, Diyala). The programme covers interventions in the energy, water/sanitation, roads/bridges and health sectors.

How to apply: 

If interested, please apply and/or register via our automated application system on our website ( Please provide an updated CV, pertinent certificates and diplomas as well as remuneration.

Please note that only qualified candidates will be contacted.