Administrative Assistant to the Ombudsperson (m/fd)

Job Details
Wednesday, November 17, 2021
Tuesday, December 7, 2021
For an ongoing project we are currently looking for an administrative assistant to the ombudsperson.
Task description: 

The Syria Recovery Trust Fund (SRTF) was established in September 2013, pursuant to decisions of the Fourth Meeting of the Group of Friends of the Syrian People in Marrakech on the 12 December 2012, to finance reconstruction activities to rebuild the country and to alleviate the suffering of the Syrian people as a result of the ongoing conflict. The SRTF assists local populations with key public services by supporting local implementing entities. This assistance focuses on removing obstacles to service provision (e.g. repair or replacement of destroyed, damaged or looted equipment; cleaning & maintenance; supply of spare parts & consumable items; and (in some cases) payment of salaries). Projects and assistance depend on the needs identified and requests received from local individuals/groups and potential implementing entities. Implementing entities originate from local municipal & social service providers in population centers of Syria incl. local councils & offices of public sector institutions. In some cases, local NGOs may be selected as implementing entities, as may international NGOs and UN agencies.  

The "Administrative Assistant to the Ombudsperson" is a dedicated capacity post, works part time under the direct supervision of the ombudsperson who will provide a Complaint Resolution Mechanism (CRM) for the public and other SRTF stakeholders concerning decisions made and activities undertaken in the context of the SRTF.

Key responsibilities 

  • Provide the required administrative support to the ombudsperson's office;
  • Ensure that relevant documentation is properly filed and documented;
  • Assist with all travel arrangements;
  • Provide assistance with calls, correspondence and the arrangement of meetings;
  • Maintain a filing system for the SRTF CRM, Code of Conduct (CoC), policies, guidelines and procedures, and updates as needed;
  • Maintain and update contact lists of SRTF stakeholders, implementing partners and international organisations affiliated with the organisation;
  • Assist in maintaining records of complaints and grievances received; 
  • Remind the ombudsperson and follow-up on complaints and grievances received, to facilitate their resolution, settlement and/or withdrawal in accordance with the SRTF CRM and CoC;
  • Assist in preparing conclusion reports of the complaints received;
  • Prepare meeting documentation and reports;
  • Document follow-up of decisions and action points emerging from meetings;
  • Remind the ombudsperson of deadlines related to work, and requests from stakeholders and implementing partners;
  • Carry out any other tasks as may be determined and assigned by the ombudsperson.
Minimum qualifications
  • Degree in administration or similar;
  • At least 5 years of experience and a proven track record as secretary/assistant in an international institution, preferably in a development cooperation context or fund institution context;
  • Knowledge and experience in working environments of emergency response actors and donors;
  • Competent working knowledge of all relevant office procedures
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office and further IT programmes that are necessary for the execution of the tasks;
  • Professional knowledge and capacity to manage documentation with accurate standards and quality;
  • Proficiency in Arabic and English is required; Working knowledge in Turkish shall be positively considered.

Soft skills

  • Ability and readiness to work in a multi-cultural environment; Understanding and sound judgment in multi-cultural workspace;
  • Good written and verbal communication and facilitation skills, even under time-pressure;
  • Versatile capacity to deal in situations of challenging physical environment;
  • Capacity to establish priorities when situation demands so;
  • Demonstrate trust and confidence and provide timely response to office needs;
Additional advantage
  • Working experience in Syria and/or neighboring countries, or good knowledge of Syrian affairs;
  • Knowledge and experience in a working environment of emergency response actors and donors, and participation in multi-discipline project teams shall be positively evaluated.
How to apply: 

If you are interested in the assigned position, please send your application via email. The application should include the following documents and information:

  • Your CV in English language, EU-format preferred.
  • A list of reference persons with contact details, if not included in the CV already.

Candidates who are considered for further evaluation and for recommendation to the client will be notified within two weeks after reception of the application. Please kindly understand that all other candidates will not be notified.

Contact person: 

GOPA Middle East