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Urban and industrial environmental management programme - Sustainable production of goods and services (Project: Professional training in environmental management and sustainable production)

Project details
Associated enterprises: 
Architecture & Urban Development
Project volume: 
571,950 €
Value of services: 
571,950 €
Start of project: 
July, 2015
End of project: 
June, 2017
Project description: 

In recent decades, significant economic growth and industrial development in Mexico have caused a number of environmental problems. To address this problem, various programs have been initiated on environmental management in production and service sectors. It has also developed certifications and environmental standards in sustainable production and consumption, and has been implemented in the public and private sectors. However, much remains to be done in order to ensure that the private sector has more qualified staff on these issues and, likewise, in public institutions personnel improved and increased knowledge in these areas.

One of the essential problems that arise in the production of goods and services in both the private sector and the public, is the lack of environmental management systems, certification and evaluators to systems, processes and management skills environmental.

Service description: 
  • Development, in close collaboration with professional training institutions (PTI) of modular professional training offers for education/qualification of workers of private companies in the fields of corporate environmental management, technical process optimization and innovation; employees of public institutions in the fields of environmental management in public offices and sustainable public procurement; and evaluators (for voluntary and mandatory standards) and verifiers (for standards and criteria);
  • Training of staff of VET, the approach train-the-trainer; and
  • Capacity building of management personnel and staff of small and medium enterprises (SME) and institutions of the three levels of government, in environmental management and sustainable production.

The aim of the project "Professional Training in Environmental Management and Sustainable Production" focuses on improving the skills of the personnel of Mexican companies and the corresponding institutional counterparts on issues of environmental management and sustainable production, giving priority to those organizations that have a higher percentage female gender among its employees.