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Modernisation of local public services: Quality monitoring and management consulting for the provision of local communal services (Phase 3)

Project details
Republic of Moldova
Associated enterprises: 
Architecture & Urban Development
Project volume: 
375,853 €
Value of services: 
165,375 €
Start of project: 
March, 2016
End of project: 
February, 2017
Project description: 

In Moldova, municipalities mostly do not have the required earnings and/or investment budgets in order to address the needed modernization of the existing infrastructure. As a result, general public services such as water supply and wastewater disposal, waste collection and the heating of buildings are exposed to heavily advanced decay. The GIZ project “Modernisation of local public services” puts its focus on the structural support of partner administrations, particularly at rayon and communal level in rural areas, with the aim of a sustainable improvement of their service delivery.

Besides the direct support for pilot projects, special attention will be given to the rayon (district) administrations and regional agencies. The close strategic and operational co-ordination and, where possible, the joint development of activities should support the institutions and increase their capacity as facilitators and multipliers. In fact, both entities are elementary components of a structured approach to capacity development at communal level.

The Consultant’s work package “Quality monitoring and management consulting for the provision of local communal services” has the core content of technical and organizational support to selected local municipalities and the competent rayon administrations in or-der to improve their service delivery in the areas of:

  • Solid waste management;
  • Water supply and sewerage systems; and
  • Renewable energies and energy efficiency (in the context of the rehabilitation of public buildings).
Service description: 
  • Assistance to the drafting of master plans for selected services and elaboration of medium term investment plans;
  • selection of priority projects;
  • Technical and financial planning (on pre-feasibility level) as well as quality control of proposals for national and international funds;
  • Mobilization of local resources towards joint self-organization;
  • Development and/or adaption of local organizational structures and management;
  • Survey and evaluation of private sector potential for communal service delivery and eventually implementation of public private partnerships;
  • Introduction and application of criteria and tools for an economic, environmentally friendly and socially just service delivery;
  • Recommendations for the adjustment of the funding guidelines of public institutions for communal services; and
  • Training of leadership and administration staff, local stakeholders and support groups.