Ecuador: Sustainable intermediate cities – Team Leader

Job Details
Team Leader
Tuesday, July 4, 2017
Tuesday, August 15, 2017
Name of project : 
Sustainable intermediate cities
Project start date: 
Monday, January 1, 2018
Project end date: 
Monday, June 1, 2020
30 expert months
You're interested to support the development and coordination of a national urban development agenda, based on profound knowledge of sustainable and integral urban development as well as policy evaluation and monitoring?...
Task description: 

Provision of

  • advisory services in the area of network development, stakeholder and cooperation management, as well as the design and implementation of advisory processes/ an advisory architecture;
  • political advice to the development and implementation of a National Urban Development Agenda from the perspective of academic contributions and support;
  • expertise on international networking in order to foster international academic and research cooperation;
  • expertise on international financial mechanisms to strengthen the role of Ecuadorian academia and research institutions in the field of sustainable urban development; and
  • expertise on curricula development for urban management at Bachelor degree level and certification.

Management and leadership functions

  • Implemention of the German contribution in the partner country as the project’s principal advisor and coordinator of the experts’ team;
  • Responsibility for managing and controlling funds and financial planning in consultation with the bilateral programme director responsible at GIZ;
  • Ensuring project management with established GIZ practice by applying Capacity WORKS;
  • Regular reporting to the director of the programme;
  • Written reports (in German) for the yearly reporting of the GIZ programme director to BMZ;
  • Written reports (in Spanish) for the reporting of the GIZ programme director to the interinstitutional committee (partner structure);
  • Coordination of all activities with key stakeholders and ensuring transparency for the partner;
  • Support to the GIZ programme director in updating and/or adapting the programme design on the basis of the five success factors of Capacity WORKS;
  • Identification of short-term experts’ missions within the foreseen budget, as well as planning,contracting, management and steering of the national and international short-term experts;
  • Participation in planning and strategy workshops of the bilateral programme;
  • Development and adjustment of operational plans;
  • Coordinating the organisation/running of training measures;
  • Monitoring and documenting the work progress;
  • Ensuring a monitoring and evaluation system is in place, in line with the bilateral programme’s system;
  • Contributions to the knowledge management system of the bilateral programme;
  • Planning and supporting programme-related research;
  • Ensuring contacts with other donors and the German Embassy in coordination with the GIZ programme director;
  • Supporting the GIZ programme director in preparing and conducting the interim and final evaluation; and
  • Supporting the director of the bilateral programme in preparing a possible follow-on programme.
  • University degree equivalent to PhD in urban management, urban, spatial or development planning, arquitecture, geography, politics, public policy, public administration, or similar;
  • Seven years of work experience at an internationally renowned university in the US or EU (research and teaching);
  • Five years of experience as a Team Leader in project management and budgeting, monitoring and evaluation;
  • Proven record of acquiring international research funds;
  • Proven record of international academic publishing relevant to urban management and development;
  • Experience in international networking and international (academic) cooperation relevant to the required topic;
  • Experience in national government and policy advice as well as policy monitoring related to urban management and development;
  • Experience in implementing human capacity development strategies; and
  • Very good level of Spanish and English written and spoken.

Further assets

  • Further fields of expertise can include sustainable transport and mobility, sustainable energy, resource management, smart cities, environmental design and engineering;
  • Expertise in organisational development, networking and managing multistakeholders;
  • Work experience in public administration;
  • Work experience in Latin America; and
  • Good level of German written and spoken.
How to apply: 

If you are interested in this position, please send your current CV to Ms Mariamelia Abellán ( Please note that only qualified candidates will be contacted.